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The instrumental music program prepares students for a lifetime of opportunity, success, music appreciation and involvement. We seek to inspire students through music to succeed both now and in the future.

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The YLMS Music program is made up of 6 different ensembles.
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Below are some of the most common questions that we get.

Can I do instrumental music and Spanish?

Yes but Spanish is a strict 2 year commitment, hence taking one of your elective spots

Can I do orchestra and Color Guard?

Yes, and there are no schedule conflicts.

Can I do band and Color Guard?

Yes! In Fall, you will choose what group to perform with during marching events, and in the Spring, you would fully commit to band and Winter Guard, which have no schedule conflicts.

How do I audition for Jazz Band 1?

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Are there instruments on loan available?

Yes! Instrument rentals are free of charge, but if the instrument is ruined or damaged, you will incur a replacement or repair fee.

Do I have to be in band to be in jazz band?

It is highly recommended that you are in a curricular music class in order to participate in Jazz, so you do not fall behind on theory.

Does band have zero period rehearsals?

Yes, leading up to concerts. Please note the 0 period rehearsals take the place of Jazz 1 rehearsal, and are just for the Performing Band and Percussion, not Intermediate Band. Intermediate Band does not have any zero period rehearsals.

Why do we ask for a Participation Contribution?

It takes many resources to run our successful music program and financial donations go a long way in making sure it stays running at its best. As a non-profit organization, the YLMS Instrumental Music Booster Club depends on the generosity of donors to help cover our operating costs. Items such as sheet music, instruments, instrument upkeep, coaching, clinicians, transportation fees, repairs, and other teaching tools used on a daily basis are not funded by our State. We appreciate the support you can provide. We are a non-profit 501c(3) organization. Your contribution will be tax deductible for income tax purposes.

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